nd 117that some p●etty obstacle makes it im


says the native, “Tuesday is as go●od a day

as Monday.Wait unt▓il to-morrow.” Does Tuesday ●bring some

new difficulty The native will re▓peat his consoling advice just as jaunt▓ily as if he had not worn it threadbare t▓he day before.The expression “●wasting time” has no meaning whatever t▓o the Orien

tal.Twenty-four hours does ●not represent to him one-ha

lf t▓he value of one of his miserable coppe▓r coins.A certain number of days mus▓t run by between his birth and● death.What matters it just how he occupie▓s himself during that period● He is, perhaps, a bit happier if a task alr●eady p


  • lanned must be put off, for● the postponement

    reduces the sum-total of ex●ertion of his allotted span, and nothing do▓es the

    Oriental hate so much as ●e

  • xertion. The officials of the▓ Porte, imbu

    ed with this philosophy of life, w●ere in no haste to examine my papers.▓Not unt

    il my third visit to the con

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